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We build our business differently...  We focus on yours!

Our focus is you...

Our mission

Vivid Media is a catalysts that makes businesses feel, see and claim their power.


Our essence

At our core, Vivid Media operates on Imagination, Inclusive and Impact.


Our promise

We deliver optimistic and diverse experiences to our smart, curious, passionate clients.


Our vibe

At Vivid Media, we make the things that make the things happen. We dream it, and then do it – together. Everyday reinventing what is possible.

   Our prowess truly lies in our unique ability to bind and hold and pull together all variables, and then tailoring our flexibility to any situation. We believe in continuous relationships, our priority is to ignite a well rounded approach to any needs. We provide a network of services that offer synergy and reliability.


   Our commitment and personalized service from idea to delivery drives us to engage your brand, your audience and your message. Our customized solutions and expertise allow us to deliver your needs and exceed your expectations, from the generation of ideas and concept development, through to print, packaging design, promotional gifts, customized merchandising and point of sale solutions.


   We service corporate, brand and private clients who require a partner within the experiential industry. We have also crafted many wildly successful staff engagement, corporate events, activations and exhibition display projects for clients, large and small.

Our story...

   As the original next-generation media company, we seek to change the way adverts, content and storytelling speaks to and represents businesses, always sparking the conversations that matter most. We do the same for all the events that we manage as well. We deliver on this mission through driven intention-fueled initiatives.

We are Vivid.


Vivid Media (PRIVATE) LIMITED is incorporated under the Companies Act {Chapter 24:03} registration number 13215/2018

   Our team is comprised of determined dreamers who are smart and passionate, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives. We always strive to be real and relatable — walking the walk in all that we do. And mainly focusing on you.


   We deliver style and substance to an audience that is highly engaged across a variety of devices and destinations. To do so, we employ original content, from video and features, to live experiences, events and social storytelling. Again, still focusing on yours.


   We believe everyone with talent should have the opportunity to do great work, and if you’re a genuine person with a little ambition, have the right attitude and keen to join a project we would welcome you into the team. We’re a zero stress team with a huge emphasis on team play. We believe that you can only get the best performance out of talented people by removing pressure and expectation and giving creative license, not by blowing transaxles.



   As far as our work goes, in our experience, there is no such thing as luck. We have a passion for the small stories as well as the mainstream ones and like to promote these stories in the most creative way we can, whether it is an article or a video. If we believe a project deserves some attention, we pursue it, so get in touch if you think you have something worth shouting about, and rather than be a bunch of thinkers, standing in a circle trying to come up with a plan, we’ll actually try to do something about it. We also work with brands to produce, publish and promote cool content too. So you may see them from time to time.



   We aim to interact with audiences, not just push out content, and be as personal as possible because, in reality, we are at your disposal, you are not at ours. We expect you to talk, and building relationships is something each of us are very proud of. It’s not just about writing the content; it’s about discussing it with you. We might not always agree, and we hope that we don’t, that would make for a dull world indeed, but we will always listen.



   We care about giving you the best content, on the best platforms in the best and most creative way possible. When we do provide sponsored content by brands, you can be sure it will be engaging and interesting enough for you to want it. If we don’t think we can achieve that we turn it down. After all, beautiful things don’t ask for attention, but they get it anyway.


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